Xin Li, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

College of Hydrology and Water Resources

Hohai University


Ph.D Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,National University of Singapore,Singapore,2018

M.Eng Hydraulic Engineering, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China, 2014

B.Eng Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou, China,2011

Professional Experience

Jun 2023 to now Associate professor , Hohai University,Nanjing,China. Research field:Hydrometeorology, hydroclimatology, and Hydroinformatics: including climate change impact on hydrology and water resources, the impact of climate change on extreme hydrological eventsstatistical downscaling, weather generators, artificial intelligence and machine learning, rainfall forecast based on radar image, etc.
Nov 2018 to Jun 2023 Lecturer , Hohai University,Nanjing,China. Research field:Hydrometeorology, hydroclimatology, and Hydroinformatics: including climate change impact on hydrology and water resources, statistical downscaling, weather generators, artificial intelligence and machine learning, rainfall forecast based on radar image, non-stationary frequency analysis of flood and drought, etc.
Jun 2018 to Nov 2018 Computing Engineer , Hydroinformatics Institute Ltd, Singapore. Research field:Short-term rainfall forecast based on radar image.
Aug 2014 to Jun 2018 Research Assistant , National University of Singapore,Singapore. Research filed:Climate change impact on hydrology and water resources;statistical downscaling;weather generators;rainfall models, etc.
Sep 2011 to Jan 2014 Master student , Tianjin University,Tianjin,China. Research field:non-stationary flood frequency analysis;distributed hydrologic modelling;impact of Land cover and land use change on flood characteristics.

Research Interests

Statistical Downscaling of large-scale climate models

Hydrometeorological modeling based on weather generators

Impact of climate change and human activities on hydrologic cycle

Application of machine learning techniques in hydrology and water resources

Early-warning techniques for flood and drought

Reviewer for journals

Water Resources Research Science Bulletin
Journal of Hydrology Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies
Journal of Flood Risk Management Journal of Geophysical Research:Atmosphere
Weather and Forecasting International Journal of Climatology
Theoretical and Applied Climatology Climate Research
Nature Hazards Hydrological Sciences Journal
Hydrology Research Advances in Climate Change Research
Water Science Engineering

Honors and Awards

Third prize in Jiangsu micro-lecture teaching ability contest, 2019

Jiangsu’s mass entrepreneurship and innovation program, 2019

Full scholarship from Ministry of Education of Singapore, 2014-2018

National Scholarship, 2013

Professional Memberships

American Geophysical Union (member)

IAHR (member)

Teaching Experience

Spring 2019-2010 Engineering Hydrology, Hohai University
Spring 2019-2020 Engineering Hydrology and Hydraulics, Hohai University


2020-2022 National Natural Science Foundation of China“Assessment of climate change impact on regional water resources based on nonstationary multi-dimensional downscaling methods”(PI), ¥270,000.
2020-2021 Innovative and Entrepreneurial Program of Jiangsu Province,“Rainfall-Runoff Modelling based on Genetic Programming”(PI), ¥150,000。
2021-2022 Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities “High-resolution stochastic rainfall simulation across spatiotemporal scales”(PI), $120,000.
2020-2021 Nanjing Science and Technology Innovation Project for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars,“New-generation hydrological modelling based on machine learning techniques”(PI), ¥50,000
2019-2020 Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities,“Multi-site statistical downscaling method and its application in runoff response under climate change” (PI), ¥50,000


[1] Li, Xin, Ke Zhang*, Pengrui Gu, Haotian Feng, Yifan Yin, Wang Chen, Bochang, Cheng. Changes in precipitation extremes in the Yangtze River Basin during 1960–2019 and the association with global warming, ENSO, and local effects. Science of the Total Environment,760(3):144244, 2021.
[2] Ke Zhang*, Gebdang B Ruben, Xin Li, Zhijia Li, Zhongbo Yu, Jun Xia, Zengchuan Dong. A comprehensive assessment framework for quantifying climatic and anthropogenic contributions to streamflow changes: A case study in a typical semi-arid North China basin. Environmental Modelling & Software,128(6):104704, 2020.
[3] Li, Xin and Vladan Babovic*. A new scheme for multivariate, multisite weather generator with inter-variable, inter-site dependence and inter-annual variability based on empirical copula approach. Climate Dynamics,52(3-4):2247-2267, 2019.
[4] Li, Xin and Vladan Babovic*. Multi-site multivariate downscaling of global climate model outputs: an integrated framework combining quantile mapping, stochastic weather generator and empirical copula approaches, Climate Dynamics, 52(9-10):5775-5799, 2019.
[5] Li, Xin∗, Ke Zhang∗, and Vladan Babovic. Projections of Future Climate Change in Singapore based on a Multi-Site Multivariate Downscaling Approach, Water, 11(11):2300, 2019.
[6] Li, Xin∗, Ali Meshgi, and Vladan Babovic. Spatio-temporal variation of wet and dry spell characteristics of tropical precipitation in singapore and its association with enso. International Journal of Climatology, 36(15):4831–4846, 2016.
[7] Li, Xin, Xuan Wang*, and Vladan Babovic*. Analysis of variability and trends of precipitation extremes in singapore during 1980–2013. International Journal of Climatology, 38(1):125–141, 2018.
[8] Xuan Wang, Vladan Babovic, and Li, Xin∗. Application of spatial-temporal error correction in updating hydrodynamic model. Journal of Hydro-environment Research (Corresponding author), 16:45–57, 2017.
[9] Hang Zeng*, Ping Feng, and Li, Xin. Reservoir flood routing considering the non-stationarity of flood series in north china. Water resources management, 28(12):4273–4287, 2014.

Contact Information

E-Mail: [email protected]

QQ: 191427614

Office : Liuguangwen Guan, Room 211,
Liuguangwen Guan, Room 211
Physical Address: Room 211, Liuguangwen Guan, 1 Xikang Rd, Nanjing, China, 210098